Billy Howard, Jr.

Billy Howard, Jr. has first-hand experience creating and growing innovative startups; he founded Howard Lighting, a division of Howard Industries, in 1994. It has since expanded to include two manufacturing facilities as well as a regional distribution center and sales office in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Billy’s involvement leading major initiatives at Howard Industries has recently included launching Slance, a platform which allows students to get paid while supplementing their education with relevant work experience.

Eric Schwartzman

Eric Schwartzman brings more than twenty years of experience launching successful digital businesses, notably iPressroom and Comply Socially, to the team at CDI. Through Schwartzman & Associates, Inc., he devised and executed campaigns for multinationals, federal government agencies, entertainment, and B2B clients. Through innovative applications of digital technology to marketing, communications and business process strategy, his work has profoundly changed the way organizations manage internal and external communications. He is also the best selling co-author of Social Marketing to the Business Customer.


In 1968 Billy Howard, Sr. left his successful career at General Electric to create a family-run business with his wife Linda in his native Mississippi. Since then, Howard Industries has expanded to five separate divisions and a wholly-owned subsidiary, Howard Transportation. Regardless of the target market sector, Howard Industries remains committed to creating, supplying, and supporting superior products and services. The Utility Products Division manufactures liquid-filled distribution transformers for commercial and industrial markets. Howard Lighting offers commercial, industrial, and utility lighting fixtures, ballasts, and lamps. Howard Medical creates and distributes best-in-class healthcare solutions that increase efficiency while prioritizing patient care and safety. Howard Technology Solutions provides cutting-edge computers and technology equipment at affordable prices, in addition to offering technical training and support.

Howard Industries remains a leader in its field by prioritizing its customers first. Rather than offering one-size-fits-all solutions, Howard Industries recognizes the unique needs of its clients. It strives to create the perfect combination of products and services, offering affordable solutions without sacrificing quality or innovation. Through each of its diverse offerings, Howard Industries remains committed to continually updating and growing its product line to meet the demands of the market.